Procedure. [Read the 'Important Notes' below]

Print and complete the 'Contact Form'.

Place your empty cartridges in a box with the copy of the Contact Form.

Print an Address Label.

Contact us for latest prices paid and to arrange/agree postage.
Important Notes:


Previously recycled cartridges are only accepted in certain cases.


The Minimum quantity of cartridges we will collect is 20 and is dependent on valuation.


Our minimum buying limit is 30:00.


Please place cartridges back into their original cartons wherever possible to avoid damage.


Inkjet cartridges are prone to drying-out, becoming clogged and therefore worthless - protect the print heads.


Epson Inkjet cartridges have no value.

MT Cartridge Recycling will buy empty inkjet, laserjet, fax and toner cartridges for cash. We require 1000's of empty inkjet cartridges every month.