Contact Form - Recycled Units
    Print this form, fill in the information and include with your empty Cartridges.

Please make the cheque payable to [Please PRINT CLEARLY]:-

  • Name:            ________________________________________

                 OR  Make Credit Transfer to:-

    Account Name Account No. Sort Code

    Address:       ________________________________________



        Phone:            ________________________________________

  E-Mail: (preferred)  _____________________________________________

     Cartridge Type           Quantity           Printer / Fax / Copier Type     

Please provide a way for us to contact you in the event that
we have questions or concerns with your consignment.

Note : Cheques will usually be issued within 30 days of receipt

MT Cartridge Recycling will buy empty inkjet, laserjet, fax and toner cartridges for cash.
We require 1000's of empty cartridges every month.