MEMO: Recycling Ink/LaserJet Cartridges

To: All Employees

From: ______________________ 

Subject: Cartridge recycling program

It is estimated that over 100 million used cartridges will pollute our land fill sites this year. This can create a serious environmental problem in the future.

Now we can all help reduce that number by selling our used cartridges!

In an effort to conserve and protect our vital natural resources our company, in conjunction with MTCR, has begun a cartridge recycling program. MTCR covers the cost of shipping used cartridges from our location to theirs. In addition, they pay us up to 2.00 for every re-usable cartridge we save and send them. This money will be donated to the Company Social Club. (or Local Charity / Christmas Club / Children's Hospital ....)

Please DO NOT throw away any used cartridges.

Please address any questions you may have to me. I hope that we can make this a successful partnership. Do your part in helping us provide for a clean and green future.



MT Cartridge Recycling will buy empty inkjet, laserjet, fax and toner cartridges for cash. We require 1000's of empty inkjet cartridges every month